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Garage Band #8 and the Robot Waitress Girl
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What happened to the old you?

Welcome to Garage Band # 8 and the Robot Waitress Girl' homepage. We are a rock band out of Victoria BC. While I suppose we are music I always hate calling it rock because it is more than that. We aren't your everyday sound, but that's more your decision than ours.

Garage Band # 8 and the Robot Waitress Girl have live recordings from that show we played at spectrum back on the 29th of April. I may throw them on this page but I haven't decided yet but they are not very impressive. "Dancing Gypsies" sounds cool and "Actors Can't Sing" has the wicked guest solo at the end by Nick but other than that most of the songs deffinitely dont live up to their potential. Also keep posted on the shows section to see when our show with Gashly Crumb and others is announced. I'm working on it (All Ager).


We are on an extremely low budget at the moment, so the website sucks and the recording sucks and everything sucks. BUT slowly but surely everything will work out.

Garage Band #8 and the Robot Waitress Girl is:

Kristian North: Lead Vocals, Guitar/Bass, Recorder.
Crystal Dorval: Vocals, Guitar/Bass, Harmonica.
Luke: Drums.